EPD & ECO Platform, a successful story

For a long time the provision of environmental information has been a time consuming and costly issue for the construction industry. Now the ECO Platform solves this problem with the ECO Platform EPD – a truly European solution for all construction products.

Together with you – our partners from industry and declaration holders of EPD - we want to look forward to the manifold chances and added value of using EPD in our event on October 6th, 2016 in Brussels.

Agenda of the event

What’s on the agenda?

  • Learn more about the use of EPD in Green Building Schemes, in National regulative examples and how to fill the gap from national databases to Building LCA;

  • Take the chance to encounter the numerous industry advantages like increased visibility of EPD, reduced efforts and costs and internal improvements of processes and products by using and supporting the ECO Platform EPD and the ECO Platform;

  • Get a deep insight into the current policy and standardization activities on CEN and ISO level, especially on how to align the EPD standard with the PEF methodology and ECO Platform’s activities in this issue;

  • Support the idea of ECO Platform: Make your own ECO Platform EPD visible by taking part in the official EPD handover to underline the importance of the common format of ECO Platform EPD as a practical existing solution, which has become an industry standard all across Europe.

Our aim: Send out a sign from ECO Platform and its stakeholders:

The members of ECO Platform from all relevant stakeholder groups offer their experience and know-how to find quick suitable solutions for construction products. On the basis of the existing EPD principle, it is possible to find appropriate solutions for the applicability in Green Building schemes and for the comprehensive PEF approach.

  • Venue: Bibliothèque Solvay / Leopoldpark - Rue Belliard 137 Brussels
  • Date: 6th October 2016
  • Time: Afternoon session (13:00 - 18:00)

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ECO Platform General Assembly 2015

ECO Platform General Assembly took place last 21st of May in Brussels. The event provided an unparalleled opportunity to discuss the key issues driving the European development of ECO Platform EPDs.

Please find the agenda and presentation here:

  • ECO Platform GA 2015.05.21 Agenda (217.1 KiB)
  • ECO Platform GA 2015.05.21 Slides (1.6 MiB)

Presentation of the first ECO Platform EPDs

The event took place in Brussels with more than 70 participants including representatives of the program operators, LCA practicioners, industrial associations and manufacturers.

The last part of the event included the handover of the first ECO Platform EPDs issued by some of the members of ECO Platform.

You can see the pictures in our album in Flickr.

Sven Olof Ryding ECOPlatform

  • Welcome by Sven- Olof Ryding (President of ECO Platform)
  • ECO Platform – Developing a European organisation for EPDs by Christian Donath (Managing Director of ECO Platform)
  • ECO Platform mutual recognition: Common quality and verification by Agnes Schuurmans (Convenor of WGII of ECO Platform)
  • Standardisation in the construction sector – Sustainability assessment and EPDs by Gonçalo Ascensão (Construction program manager of CEN)
  • Technical issues related to the ECO Platform EPD based on EN 15804 by Eva Schmincke (Convenor of WGI of ECO Platform)
  • ECO Platform EPD – Challenges & opportunities for manufacturers by Vincent Briard (Convenor Sustainable Construction Committee of Eurima)
  • EPD – Reliable information for the sustainability assessment of construction works by Oscar Nieto (Convenor of WG III of ECO Platform)
  • Handover of ECO Platform EPD
  • Closure of the event by Sven- Olof Ryding (President of ECO Platform)

Please find the agenda and presentation here:

  • ECO Platform Event 2014.10.14 Agenda (102.5 KiB)
  • ECO Platform Event 2014.10.14 Christian Donath (781.9 KiB)
  • ECO Platform Event 2014.10.14 Agnes Schuurmans WGII (625.2 KiB)
  • ECO Platform Event 2014.10.14 Gonzalo Ascensao (728.2 KiB)
  • ECO Platform Event 2014.10.14 Eva Schmincke WGI (375.7 KiB)
  • ECO Platform Event 2014.10.14 Vincent Briard (1.1 MiB)
  • ECO Platform Event 2014.10.14 Oscar Nieto WGIII (488.9 KiB)

Launch of the ECO Platform

On the occasion of the official launch of the ECO Platform on September 24, 2013 at the Sofitel Brussels Le Louise
 in Brussels, we heard the following contributions by our speakers:

  • Welcome by Sven-Olof Ryding (President of ECO Platform)
  • Keynote on the Sustainable Buildings Initiative by Josefina Lindblom (EU Commission, DG Environment)
  • Remarks from Christohpe Sykes (Construction Products Europe)
  • Presentation of ECO Platform by Christian Donath (Managing Director of ECO Platform)
  • Keynote on the demand for EPDs from Building Rating Schemes by Johannes Kreissig (World GBC)
  • Introduction of the ECO Platform Working Groups and invitation to participate
  • Panel Discussion / Q&A

Christian Donath 24.09.2013

Please find the presentations here:

  • ECO platform launching event and overview (1.8 MiB)
  • ECO Platform Christophe Sykes (346.0 KiB)
  • ECO Platform WGI (154.5 KiB)
  • ECO Platform WGII (778.9 KiB)
  • ECO Platform WGIII (197.9 KiB)
  • ECO Platform Josefina Lindblom (123.4 KiB)