Working Group II - Quality Management

The experts in WGII develop and maintain the quality system of ECO Platform including not only the development of technical agreements and guidance documents but also acceptance procedures, audits and verification.

The goal of the group is achieve a quality background to support the publication of ECO Platform EPD.

Actual tasks of WG II “Quality Management and Verification”

  • Qualification / accreditation of verifiers and their mutual recognition, including quality and expertise check
  • Manual for verification, including procedures, check-list format, report format
  • Adaptation of existing EPDs to new rules






Håkon Hauan
Convenor WG II
Håkon Hauan

public documents

  • ECO Platform Audit Procedure PO v1.0 January2016.pdf (796.1 KiB)
  • ECO Platform summary Guidance Paper Verification v1.1 Oct2015.pdf (226.5 KiB)