Environmental Product Declarations have proved to be the most reliable source of environmental information from construction products. The main principles followed when developing ECO Platform EPD guarantee consistency and scientific support to the assessment of construction works.

About the legal framework for EPD, the Construction Products Regulation (305/2011), the European law which establish the trading rules for construction products includes the following: “For the assessment of the sustainable use of resources and of the impact of construction works on the environment Environmental Product Declarations should be used when available.”

ECO Platform EPD provide the required information in a standardised format and following common methodology and rules. The approach of ECO Platform will avoid inconsistencies between different assessment procedures and will help to achieve European consensus on the best way to communicate environmental information, including future European regulatory requirements, if any.

ECO Platform EPD are the most cost-efficient way to satisfy the demands of the market but also of the other players in the construction world (regulators, green building councils, environmental scientists…)

The ECO Platform aims to facilitate and coordinate the agreement for a common EPD scheme among “sovereign” EPD

  • Ensure an optimal use of the standards in existing structures within the construction sector
  • Provide a level playing field in the marketplace for all participating manufacturers
  • Develop a common language in Europe for product and building performance assessment.
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