ECO EPD Registry


Since October 2020, ECO Platform offers the ECO Portal.  (ECO Portal)

This was an important step towards digitalization. Digital EPD data is now accessible, even in a machine-readable form. By this step, the functionality can be granted, which is needed to mainstream LCA and reduce efforts, data redundancies as well as risk for errors to a minimum.

In the past, ECO Platform used to have an EPD registry. This registry only provided links to documents in the databases of our member EPD operators and was an internal administrative tool, mainly to apply ECO EPD reference numbers. This procedure is not needed anymore.

Although our EPD registry was never meant to be a database for external communication, we know that for many stakeholders, like architects, builders, and LCA practitioners around the world this was an invaluable source of information, kind of a “map” to find their way through the amazingly vivid landscape of European EPD Programmes.

Considering that many of the EPDs in that registry are still valid but have not yet been converted to the new digital format ECO Platform has decided to maintain this registry for a limited time. By following the link below, you can access our ECO EPD registry.

Please note that ECO EPDs published after October 2020 will only be available in digital format through our new ECO Portal.


ECO Portal

ECO EPD Registry