Our new members

We are very happy to welcome new members at ECO Platform.


Croatia Green Building Logo


With Croatia GBC another Green Building Council is represented in our association. Benjamin Petrovic already contributed an article about the LIFE LEVEL(S) project to our Newsletter from May 2020. We appreciate to have an active member on the building level for cooperation on the important interface LEVEL(S).

For more infos on LIFE LEVEL(S) follow this link.


ift Rosenheim Logo


With ift Rosenheim (Germany) the 20th EPD Programme joins ECO Platform. After having been in touch already in 2017, ift Rosenheim now decided to open their Programme to all product categories and prepares for implementation of EN 15804 A2 and their initial audit.


One Click LCA Logo


With Bionova (Finland) we welcome the well-known LCA Tool provider of "One Click LCA" as a member. Panu Pasanen already indicated interest in contributing to the new field of defining an approach for treating application programming interfaces (API) from our ECO Portal to digital applications. We are glad to have won a new strong partner for this important part of our future work.

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