Thank you, members and stakeholders!

In the last months we were strengthening our networking efforts with the help from many of our members. This helps to better understand the needs of the different stakeholders, communicating the achievements of ECO Platform and bundling efforts with partners to achieve common goals.

Members and Stakeholders

Good talks on common objectives and alignment of activities with many stakeholders in Angers.
From right to left: Josefina Lindblom (EC DG Environment), Florian Piton (French Ministry for Environment & Housing), Christian Donath (ECO Platform), James Drinkwater (World Green Building Council)


Furthermore, the participation in events will increase the visibility and presence of ECO Platform throughout Europe. Following our active presence in Angers in September, we participated in the Thematic Group III Meeting on the use of natural resources in Brussels on October 24, where ECO Platform again had the chance to meet and speak with very relevant partners.

Thanks to all the members and stakeholders that are contributing to communicating and achieving ECO Platforms goals.

The JRC asked ECO Platform to participate in a study on existing LCA tools by review and comments. We agreed to send the report to our EPD Programmes, gathered comments and replied to the JRC. We thank all members that contributed to our replies on behalf of JRC.

EPD International Stakeholder Conference 2019 Bilbao

On November 26, Christian Donath will speak on behalf of ECO Platform during the EPD International Stakeholder Conference 2019 in Bilbao.


Beyond 2020 Conference


Next year from June 9 until June 11 a world sustainable built environment conference "Beyond 2020" is taking place in Gothenburg, Sweden. Together with InData, ECO Platform submitted a proposal for a session on " Digitalization and global communication of product-data (EPD) for Building LCA". Idea is to comprehensively explain the future of Building LCA and Product Data Exchange with short impulse presentations by all relevant stakeholder groups.


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