Thank you, presenters!

In the session about EPD that we hosted together with Alliance HQE during the Cities To Be event, ECO Platform asked some stakeholders to present their view and experiences with EPD. By this, we wanted to show the relevance of Building LCA and EPD for the market.

The stakeholder groups, we asked to contribute to our session were:

  • architects & planners, represented by Kevin Thizy from Artelia
  • product manufacturers, represented by Charlotte Petiot from St. Gobain
  • national authorities, represented by Tanja Brockmann from German BBSR

The presentation could show an audience of over 150 participants from various stakeholder groups how Building LCA can contribute to improve buildings and how product data from EPD serves the process. With comprehensive examples Kevin Thizy and Charlotte Petiot made complex issues simple. Charlotte expressed furthermore, how St. Gobain is using their EPD to improve their supply chain, production and product performances. Tanja Brockmann could show how the data provision can be organized by the public authorities and explained the solution for the data exchange in an open database network. Finally, Christian Donath expressed ECO Platform's and InData's common approach, which finally offers one digital data format for whole Europe, reducing the effort for manufacturers drastically and how digitalization makes data exchange in between the various databases possible, while sticking to the "single source of data" principle.

ECO Platform thanks all three presenters. Your tangible contributions made our session successful.


EPD session co-hosted by ECO Platform during the

EPD session co-hosted by ECO Platform during the "Cities To Be" event in Angers, France
Presenters from right to left: Tanja Brockmann (German BBSR, InData), Kevin Thizy (Artelia), Nadège Oury (Alliance HQE), Charlotte Petiot (St. Gobain), Christian Donath (ECO Platform)


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