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The General Assembly decided to appoint a Quality Manager and Chief Auditor (QM), responsible for audit coordination and compliance with the Audit Guidelines.

The QM coordinates the audits and auditors according to the Internal Regulations and Audit Guidelines.

Established ECO EPD Programme Operators (est. ECO EPD PO) are Full Members of ECO Platform. To achieve the status of an est. ECO EPD PO an initial audit needs to be successfully passed by an applicant. To maintain the status of an est. ECO EPD PO recurring audits need to be passed all three years. Otherwise the PO will lose its right as est. ECO EPD PO to issue ECO EPD, register them in the ECO EPD registry and provide them with the ECO EPD logo.

The audits will be performed by auditors, which are recognized by the ECO Platform (QM). The QM coordinates the pool of auditors accordingly. Applications to be recognized as ECO Platform Auditor are to be submitted to the QM. The QM checks that the auditors know the Audit Guidelines and are connected to one of the Established ECO EPD Programme Operators, who are to confirm that the auditors have sufficient competence to perform the audits in the required quality.

Audits will always be performed by two auditors from the pool of auditors. A compensation will be paid to the auditors for their services.

Audit costs for recurring audits will be borne by the ECO Platform. Costs for initial audits are fixed to 4.000€ and are to be borne by the applicant.

Håkon Hauan
Håkon Hauan


public documents

  • ECO Platform Audit Procedure PO v3.1 November 2019.pdf (1.6 MiB)