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Join ECO Platform to participate in our activities, benefit from the network of experts and give direction to future developments in the context of building LCA and environmental product data.

About ECO Platform

ECO Platform is a non-profit association aiming for a globally aligned and affordable exchange of reliable digital life-cycle product data. Our role is a catalyser, global forum, innovation hub and center of competence.

Why join?

  • Receive relevant information on current developments
  • Participate in our Innovation Hubs and Working Groups
  • Become part of our network of experts

Issues of interest - participate in our activities

  • Digitalisation of environmental Product Data
    Specification of a common digital data format for EPD
    Operation of ECO Portal as global access point to reliable EPD data for LCA tools
    Definition of market needs and requirements for usability of the data
  • Automation of EPD generation
    Development and maintenance of the verification guidelines for EPD Tools
  • Harmonisation of EPD and PCR
    Alignment of content, rules, quality and format for life-cycle product data
    Ensure affordability and feasibility for industry and all other stakeholders
  • Advocating and Standardisation work
    Development of standards for the provision of product data for legislation and public private instruments like Green Building Rating

Your efforts

Each member may decide about the level of involvement and contribution on their own. All participation is voluntary. Generally, it is possible to participate in an observer role, while getting actively involved, wherever considered beneficial or necessary. Our Working Groups meet on a quarterly basis. Task Groups are acting on behalf of their Working Group at a suitable level, depending on the related efforts and defined deadlines. Most meetings are held virtually. Exceptions are the yearly General Assembly in Brussels and a regular ECO EPD event in changing locations.

Yearly membership fees depend on the membership category. Please refer to the table next to this article for details.

Membership application

You can apply for membership in ECO Platform here:

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Membership fees


„Please note: ECO Platform’s membership fees and categories will change as of 1 January 2024. For further information please click here.”

Basic Membership Fees
Member Groups
Membership Fee
Established ECO EPD Programme Operators 3.000 €
Emerging ECO EPD Programme Operators 3.000 €
Product Manufacturers or Associations representing >1bn€ 1.500 €
Product Manufacturers or Associations representing <1bn€ 1.000 €
Sustainability Initiatives or Green Building Rating Schemes 1.000 €
LCA Practitioners / Tool Providers with >20 employees 1.500 €
LCA Practitioners / Tool Providers with up to 20 employees 1.000 €
Other Stakeholders 1.000 €

* with application of membership a one time admission fee to the amount of a yearly membership fee will be charged in addition

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