Objectives and added value of ECO Platform

The objective of ECO Platform is the development of verified environmental information of construction products, in particular type III declarations called EPD (Environmental Product Declarations). The added value of EPD under the ECO Platform framework is the possibility to use these declarations in all European but also international markets.

ECO Platform is not a program operator. It is a group of them together with LCA practitioners, industrial associations and other stakeholders working to guarantee a coherent framework for EPD.

Manufacturers providing ECO Platform EPDs to their customers will be able to optimise their investments avoiding additional fees, work repetition and reducing communication efforts. ECO Platform EPDs are supported by the most important program operators in Europe and their quality and international acceptance is guaranteed.


the mission

How to achieve the objectives

The first task of ECO Platform was the development of a common framework for ECO Platform EPD based on ISO 14025 “Environmental labels and declarations -- Type III environmental declarations -- Principles and procedures” and EN 15804 “Sustainability of construction works. Environmental product declarations. Core rules for the product category of construction products”

ECO Platform members share a common quality management system including verification procedures for mutual recognition.

The working groups of ECO Platform are in charge of the continuous improvement of internal rules, quality assessment, best practices and efficient communication of the information included in the ECO Platform EPD

ECO Platform is becoming visible and recognised by all the stakeholders in the construction chain and the voluntary approach is considered one of our main values.


ECO Platform's strategy

You can find the strategy of ECO Platform through the following links

  • Strategy ECO Platform.pdf (110.2 KiB)