The ECO Platform EPD

ECO Platform EPD are the best way to provide quantitative and verified information about the environmental performance of products, seen from a comprehensive life cycle perspective.

The following advantages of ECO Platform EPD should be highlighted

  • Homogeneous approach between products
  • Neutrality because the development is not based on rating schemes
  • Credibility supported by audits, reviews and third party verification
  • Accuracy due to the frequent revisions of the system

The added value for the industry is the reduction of the efforts to provide environmental information to any interested stakeholder. The information of ECO Platform EPD also is valuable to optimise the production, to understand the impact of the processes and to obtain a value for the environmental performance of the products.

ECO Platform EPD are also important for regulators, building rating schemes and designers who will understand the impact of construction products in construction with reliable information obtained from trusted sources.

Manufacturers or associations are invited to contact the program operators of ECO Platform to develop and ECO Platform EPD for their products.

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