What is ECO Portal?

ECO Portal provides a single access point for all EPD data digitally published by ECO Platform EPD Programme Operators, both via a user-friendly web interface targeted at website visitors and an API for being accessed by software systems, especially building LCA software. ECO Portal provides direct access to all digital ECO EPD data. To overcome problems with data silos and redundancies the ECO Portal is, however, not another database, but a single access point to a global open data network of the original providers of the data, the EPD Programme Operators. All data published in ECO Portal has been verified according to ECO verification guidelines.


What is an API?

An Application Programming Interface (API) allows direct data access by digital applications. By having their EPD data published in a machine-readable form, declaration owners are improving the accessibility of their product data for building assessments and related applications, which reduces the efforts for building LCA significantly.

API access to a reliable data-pool is the basis for further development of meaningful and innovative applications, which are adding value by enabling people to make better decisions further down in the value chain. There's a growing number of tools and applications today which are already using this data for building assessment and certification.


Who can get access?

Anyone can access the data. For being able to use the API, sign up here.


Is it free of charge?

Yes, under consideration of our Terms & Conditions for data access and use.


What do I need to do in order to obtain access?

  1. Register for a user account here
  2. Generate an API token using this guide
  3. Use the API. Documentation can be found here.


I did not receive an email following the registration – What can I do?

Please make sure you check your spam folder. Look for an email sent from "".


I cannot log in to generate an API Token

Please note that the login on the ECO Platform website is different from the system where you login to generate an API token. You will find the latter here.


How do I use the API?

Please see the quick start guide and documentation here. The full API documentation can be found here.


Make sure your voice is heard - join ECO Platform and its TOOLWOG

ECO Platform maintains the Tool Working Group (TOOLWOG) which is a forum for tool developers and related stakeholders to share and discuss their requirements and suggestions for further development of ECO Portal, its API and is data. It is open exclusively for ECO Platform members. Read more about the advantages of becoming an ECO Platform member here.

The ECO Portal API

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